2015 Photo Gallery

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Batelle Fine Arts Center / Riley Auditorium

Completed in 1928, shortly before the Great Depression affected construction projects, this Alumni Gymnasium provided a site for male athletic activity until the Rike Center was opened in 1975. Battelle Memorial Institute provided financial support to transform this building into space dedicated to the arts.

Musician Messiah Chimers (Kathy Butler) performing from 1 – 3:30

Residence at 112 N. West St.

After spending over 50 years on Otterbein’s campus, just west of the Science Building, this house was moved to its current site in 1953. It contains many memories of the family who still occupy it and some unique features built by the owner.

A Gal Named Cinda Lou

Built in 1895, this structure was home to Day’s Bakery in 1900 and later to Day’s Dry Goods. The Day brothers , twins born in 1868 on February 29th leap day, were known for their big caramel iced cookie.

First Presbyterian Church

A church was built by the Presbyterians on this site in 1864. The current structure replaced that early structure in 1913.

Residence 93 W. College

Used for a time as a bed and breakfast, , this Italianate structure built in the 19th century was occupied by three generations of the Baker family from 1893 when it was purchased by W.O. Baker, treasurer of Otterbein . Daughter LuLu May, a music professor at Otterbein lived there until her death in 1965, after which her nephew occupied the home for another 4 years until it was sold in 1969.

Residence at 119 S. Knox St.

Fans of HGTV’s House Hunters will recognize this turn-of-the-last-century home which could be ordered from Sears from an episode that aired in July 2014. The young owners have personalized the interior while respecting its heritage and adding modern touches.

Ohio Art Market

Citizens in Westerville were delighted when Isaly’s ice cream company decided to build one of their shops on this corner. From 1941 until 1967 that business was operating in this structure.

Residence at 111 N. West St.

This Georgian Colonial structure was designed by architects Harley and Ellington and built in 1940 for Frank and Vida Clements upon Frank’s retirement as director of General Motors Research Laboratory. Both of the Clements were Otterbein alumni and philanthropists with their generosity including bequeathing this home to Otterbein for use as the presidents’ residence.

Residence at 15 W. Plum St.

This stuccoed craftsman-style bungalow, built in 1924, was the home of the Beadle family for over 40 years. It has been lovingly updated and restored with a backyard living area consistent with its style.

Hanby House

Home to Bishop William Hanby, Underground Railroad conductor, and his son Benjamin, famous songwriter. One of the most iconic songs of the Civil War era, Darling Nelly Gray, was written by Ben Hanby while he was a student at Otterbein.

Local History Center and Anti-Saloon Museum

The recently renovated center and museum are in space that was given to the Anti-Saloon League in 1909 to entice them to build a printing facility in Westerville. The featured display in the Local History Center is on World War II with information on local individuals and industry that played a role in that conflict and the Anti-Saloon League Museum  displays focus on the printing operation of the League.

The sites for 2015

1. Local history museum at the Westerville library 110 South State Street

2. Private residence 93 West College Road

3.  Residence of Otterbein president 111 North West Street

4.  Private residence 112 North West Street

5.  HGTV house 119 South Knox Street

6.  Private residence 15 West Plum Street

7.  Battelle Fine Arts Center/Riley Auditorium 170 West Park Street

8.  First Presbyterian Church 41 West College Avenue

9.  Ohio Art Market 30 North State Street

10. Hanby House 160 West Main Street

11. A Gal Named Cinda Lou 20 North State Street

tapestry-2015-poster-720pxTapestry Poster

At right is a link to the Tapestry of A Town poster you’ve seen displayed in Westerville storefronts.

It is a small PDF file that you may download and have printed to display in your place of business, church, office, or home.

Thank you and we’ll see you Sunday, July 26.

2015 Tapestry of a Town Musicians/Artists

  • Local History Museum Meek Quartet (Rob Montgomery) 1 – 3
  • A Gal Named Cinda Lou Cory Conkel (banjo, guitar, violin) 2 - 4
  • Battelle Hall/Riley Aud. Messiah Chimers (Kathy Butler) 1 – 3:30
  • Stevens Family (Noah – cello, 3:30 - 5, Nathaniel – piano, Sarah – violin), Tom Masterson, artist 1 – 5
  • First Presbyterian Church - organ players
  • Hanby House Nathan Baker, piano,   2 – 4
  • Ohio Art Market Andrew Potsko, guitar & vocal 2 – 4 or 5
  • HGTV House Amy Levine, flute 1 – 3
  • Otterbein Pres. Home Brookstone Chamber Quartet (Jack Sjogren) 1:30 – 2:30,
  • Private home @ 93 W. College Front Porch People (Pat Clous) 1:15 – 2:30
  • Private home @ 112 N. West Et Al - guitar, banjo, vocal (John Hinton)     2 - 4
  • Private home @ 15 W. Plum Donna Woker, flute    2 – 4

About Tapestry of a Town Tickets

Tapestry of a Town tickets may be purchased at locations listed on the Tickets Page.

It is best to purchase your tickets early at the Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau offices at 20 West Main Street in Uptown Westerville. If you have any questions please call 614-794-0401 or 1-800-824-8461. Email questions to info@visitwesterville.org

Each ticket costs $10.

Tickets will be in the form of a booklet of information about the 12 sites on our tour as well as a map to help you find your way to each site.

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